Our Story

The beginning for Lovingood's® products was in Peoria, Illinois in the 1980s. What started in our family kitchen was originally only shared with our children, extended family members, and friends. After positive feedback, Brenda Lovingood would make her sweet barbecue chicken wings for anyone willing to have them; coworkers, church members, you name it!

At first, Lovingood's® was going to sell pre-packaged barbecue chicken wings to the public, but when we had so many people requesting to buy the sauce directly, we switched course. Life happened, as it does, and the business couldn't properly come into existence until a decade later. After years of prayer, hard work, and determination, Lovingood's® Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce was made available to be shared with anyone!

Our first sale to a retailer was in 2018. Though the pandemic brought its challenges in 2020, our business continued to serve grocery stores and restaurants willing to take a chance on us. Lovingood's® sauces are now available in more than 100 locations across seven states in two different container sizes, including our 20 oz. bottles and 1 gal. jugs, both in our Sweet & Tangy and Sweet & Fiery blends.

We've dedicated ourselves to producing quality, delicious-tasting products for you to enjoy with your family and friends the way we have. It's our hope that we can not only provide our sauces to as many tables for family dinners as possible, but also get anyone who tries what we offer to come back for more again and again. We have a feeling you will, because-- as our slogan says--You can't help lovin' good food!®

Brenda Lovingood

President & CEO

Thomas Lovingood III

Vice President